Available Freebies

Take advantage of these great freebies and possible freebies while they are still available:


4 thoughts on “Available Freebies

  1. I received the following email today:
    Hey TRESfans,

    Recently and regrettably we had a miscommunication on Facebook. We had created an email promotion offering free full size samples of a new product intended for a limited number of recipients while supplies lasted. As we only had a small supply of full size samples, the offer wasn’t intended for Facebook distribution, for which we want to once again apologize.

    As we greatly value our fans, we do want to “thank you” for your understanding and provide you with a coupon for $2 off of any TRESemmé shampoo or conditioner — the largest coupon we have ever offered on Facebook.

    You can claim your coupon through the below link.* Rest assured, we will not be sharing your contact information with any third parties and will discard it once this email is sent to you.

    Click here!

    Hope you have a great hair day with TRESemmé!

    Love to Your Locks,

    The TRESemmé Team

    *Please do not share this link with friends. Each link contains a unique coupon code that can only be redeemed once.

    • Oh no I hate when that happens! When was that giveaway, do you remember? I feel like they could have realized their mistake sooner… Anyway, a coupon is OK but if you have to print it out I think that’s pretty lame. I guess it has to be a pretty lame compromise for everyone involved.

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