Dreaming of a free Christmas

Any freebies we can earn for the holidays are great, right?  So here’s how I’m earning free gift cards, Amazon credit, cash, and other rewards this holiday gift giving season and how you can, too:

  • I use Ebates for every (often free or discounted) purchase I make online.  You can join securely and for free by copying this link into your browser: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?referrerid=82qr%2BwJu8OkuTrhEzuYQkw%3D%3D .  You’ll start safely earning cash back every time you shop online and get a free $10 Macy’s, Kohl’s, Walmart, or Target gift card!
  • I’m giving (myself) the gift of glasses!  $3 for a pair of eyeglasses and cash/gift card bonuses. 
  • I’ll be bidding on Listia, the actually free, actually safe online auction where you can exchange new and used items for other people’s new and used items, including gift cards.  You get 100 points for free when you sign up and most items are shipped free.  You can find a fun stocking stuffer shipped free, or save your 100 points for something bigger.  You never know what you’ll find on Listia.  Everything from old baseball cards to new cars… seriously, it’s all on there for you to bid on for free.
  • I’m earning Amazon gift cards by answering simple survey questions and checking out fun new products.  I’m also getting free Old Navy sweaters for myself and a friend!  Join Crowdtap to get started.
  • I’ll be checking Groupon for their notorious discounts and free $10 credit.  You will get a $10 credit for joining and there are opportunities to earn more credits for helping your friends find discounts, too.
  • No More Rack not only has great deals on all kinds of holiday gifts, it also offers freebies and free products that you can earn by referring friends.  It’s one of my favorite places online for holiday deals.
  • Plum District also offers enormous discounts and opportunities to earn gift cards and free products.  Join and receive a $5 credit.
  • Swag Bucks is probably my favorite.  Yup, I’ll say it.  I’ve earned dozens of $10 and $25 Amazon gift cards for taking surveys, viewing offers, watching videos, searching the internet, playing games…  there are nearly limitless ways to earn without spending anything.
  • $10 to spend and the opportunity to earn $10+ credit makes Vitacost another great place to send out for all kinds of fun, healthy stocking stuffers.  Whatever you find, you’ll find it free or almost-free.
  • I’m earning Amazon gift cards just by viewing webpages and taking surveys at Insta GC.

Happy Holidays, everyone!