The problem with some freebie blogs

I freely admit it:  when I first started my blog and Facebook page, I posted a lot of fake offers.   I was excited to be finding so many great freebies, unfortunately it turned out that many freebie offers are phishing schemes or worse.  I was completely ignorant about fake freebie offers and scams of this nature.  Thankfully, there are knowledgable and friendly people online who showed me how to spot fake freebies (in addition to supportive readers, there are some great freebie blogs who’ve helped me a lot, like this wonderful site and this one and this one and this one…).  I now keep a list of fake freebie offers to inform myself and others.  And, when I see another free sample site promoting a fake offer, I try to gently warn readers.  I care about protecting consumers.

Most of the time, a blogger posts a fake offer because, like I once did, he or she simply doesn’t know it’s a scam.  Once informed, these bloggers typically will remove the offer and no harm is done.  But, disturbingly, some bloggers choose to promote scams.  Some of these bloggers post scams even with complete knowledge that they will only do harm to those who participate.  Some seem to value their own pride more than helping others and choose, after insulting me and my blog, to continue posting known scams.  These type of people think of me, and others who are concerned with protecting consumers from scams, as competition.  These people are called haters, and haters are the problem with some freebie blogs.

Yesterday I found some fake offers on other pages and left simple comments stating that the item was a scam.  One blogger, Married to Savings, chose to ignore my advise.  She kept the fake offers posted on her page and deleted my comment.  She then posted a mean spirited comment, which you can read right here.  It truly speaks for itself.

Correction:  I was just surprised to learn that Married to Savings is a man. The statement “You are not dealing with an idiot lady” misled me into believing I was dealing with an idiot lady, not an idiot man. Not that it matters. Idiots are idiots, regardless of gender. But a great example of the power of commas (and irony).

3 thoughts on “The problem with some freebie blogs

  1. Ultimately you’re the one who has to be able to look at yourself in the mirror everyday. Consider the source when these “haters” turn on you – they’re not worth a second thought (and they know that so they try harder to get under your skin!) Karma is a wonderful thing!

  2. That’s what happens when someone doesn’t know how to type. “You are not dealing with an idiot lady” shows that the person typing is a lady…well, a female. If they had typed, “You are not dealing with an idiot, lady”, then you would have known that he was directing that at you! Commas are important, people! (Not important people). LOL

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