How I Get Printable Coupons in the Mail (Brick Coupons 101)

About Bricks E-Coupons
  • What is a “brick coupon”?  It is a specific type of printable coupon distributed by
  • Some, but not all, brick coupons can be mailed to you for free.
  • Finding, requesting, and using mailed brick coupons is an alternative to couponing methods that require some “investment” in newspapers, inserts, ink, or paper.
  • Some of the freebies (that were actually free) that I’ve gotten by using mailable brick coupons:  Scotties tissues, Dove deodorant, Veet wax strips, Renuzit air freshener, and Zyrtec 5 ct.
Locating Mail-able Brick Coupons
  • This is what the print screen (Edy’s is a recent example) for a brick coupon looks like:   
  • Check to see if a brick coupon is mail-able by clicking the “Help” link (see above) located on the lower right corner of the print screen.
  • A brick coupon is mail-able when this form opens in the Troubleshooting Guide.  After submitting your information, you should receive the coupon in the mail in about a week.
  • If the Troubleshooting Guide looks like this, the coupon can be printed but it will not be mailed:  

Please note that none of this information is endorsed or was provided by; this article reflects only my own experiences.

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