I’ll Be Damned

Today was a very exciting mail day for me, even more exciting than usual, because I received an advanced copy of a book by one of my favorite authors, Damned by Chuck Palahniuk!  Two days ago this was briefly the status on Chuck Palahniuk’s Facebook fan page: “ARE YOU THERE, BLOGGERS?: We’ve got a big box of galleys of Chuck’s newest calamity literally burning through our shelves.  Send addy and blog url…for a chance to get your copy.  Bloggers only!”  I didn’t think my insignificant blog would count, but I sent an email anyway… and ended up with a copy of the book before it hits stores!  Best of all, the book was free!  I would have purchased this book anyway, so I just saved myself at least $14.37.

Thankfully, the books weren’t “literally” burning through shelves after all (I normally cringe when people misuse that word, especially when those people apparently work for Doubleday, but I will happily let it slide, just this once) as my copy is in brandy-new condition and soot-free.  While I do hope you guys check out this book, don’t get too excited:  It won’t be available to purchase until October 18!

I also received 2 Scotch Adhesive Dot Rollers and coupons for refills, and a very handy Suave sample pack from Walmart, including body wash for men, sweet pea & violet body lotion, and the cutest can of dry shampoo.

Sorry, friends.  These freebies are no longer available.

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