Crowdtappin in my new jeans

Today I went to the mall and picked up 2 free pairs of Old Navy Jeans ($29.50 and $25.00 values, after taking into account the jeans sale at Old Navy) to wear and review with a friend, courtesy of Old Navy and Crowdtap.

Crowdtap is an online community where you can earn rewards for your opinions about a variety of brands and products.  Since joining about 3 months ago, I’ve earned $32.50 in rewards money (which I can redeem in the form of Amazon gift card(s), or I can choose to donate some or all of my earnings to the charity of my choice) in addition to these 2 pairs of jeans for me and a friend.

Join Crowdtap today and you’ll get $1 to start.  It does take a while to accumulate money (that’s about $10 a month that I earned) and I applied for several other freebie opportunites before being accepted to participate in this one, but taking into account how little energy it took to earn these rewards, I’m definitely benefiting from my involvement in Crowdtap.  The site is free and requires only a few minutes of time each day.  I think the keys to Crowdtap success are: checking frequently,  participating thoroughly in all discussion opportunities, and taking advantage of any offered “quick hits”, which involve merely answering simple multiple-choice questions with your opinions.  Doing as many of these as you can will earn you points and allow you to move up levels.  The higher you progress the more opportunities you’ll have to earn money (via “web-share challenges”, which are really easy to take part in, especially within the Facebook community).

I am so excited about this freebie, because Old Navy jeans are my favorite jeans.  They always seem to fit better than other jeans, partially because I’m 5’11 and it’s not easy to find jeans that are long enough.  Most jeans at Old Navy come in “tall” lengths, which is something I really value.  And when I can’t find a pair of “tall” jeans, the “regular” length are almost always nice and long on me too!  I can’t say enough about how great that is.

I tried on four pairs of jeans, and I was thrilled that all four fit me nicely.  Eventually, I settled on the Skinny Mini-Flare jean (love the name!).  These jeans are long and snug and flare out (tapered jeans just aren’t a good look on me) and are available in four colors.  These jeans are just a little bit stretchy, so they have a really nice fit.  Very comfortable, look nice, and I can wear them pretty much anywhere.

Along with my jeans, check out the freebies I got in the mail today.  Another great day for freebies!

One thought on “Crowdtappin in my new jeans

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