Score 2 FREE Suave Professionals Products Today

Update:  8/8 This Freebie offer currently re-sets every Sunday at 11pm.  I just took the test and was able to score the 2 freebies.

This one takes a time commitment of about ten minutes, but if you’re used to multi-tasking it should be no problem to score two free, full-size Suave Professionals products while doing other stuff at the computer.

Here’s what you do:

Check out Suave Professionals Can You Tell game.  You will have to correctly answer the Yes/No questions following each of the 8 videos in the series.  I suggest starting a video, muting and minimzing it ASAP before letting it run its course.  Seriously, the actors in the videos are really annoying.

The answers, in order of the videos, are: BBAAAABA.

Technically this is cheating, but it’s not a fair test anyway because of the nature of the answers.  (It’s the classic Suave gimmick you’re probably used to from their ads, which incidentally they aren’t paying for me for so we’ll just skip this part.)

Once you’ve “watched” the videos and “guessed” the “correct” answers, there will be a link up top where you can click to get your coupons.  There will be a form to fill out with your information, and make sure you select the 2 free products coupons option.

4 thoughts on “Score 2 FREE Suave Professionals Products Today

      • Looks like they are out of 2 freebie coupons but you can get one, or wait until Sunday when they restart the promo, apparently they only give away a certain number of doubles a week…

      • Yes, I did it on Chrome as yea as you said they aren’t giving out the 2 sample one all the time now. A friend only got one as well. (Btw this is Danielle K [post a lot to you on facebook] )

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