Too Subtle?

Seems like I’m too-often given the perplexing question “Where do I get free stuff?”

Look, I’m not really good with vague questions, and these always read like quips.(One gentleman complained in a comment that he was having just the hardest time finding a free iPad 2 ?  When I, obviously, answered sarcastically, he responded [ALL IN CAPS] that it would be the last time he ever asked a broad for help.)

But let’s say you happen to be looking for a real answer to the question.   Here is my best advice:

My blog and facebook page will help you LEARN.  Follow the links for coupons and freebies whenever I find them or, as a community of freebie-seekers, one of us finds them on THE INTERNET.

2 thoughts on “Too Subtle?

  1. No disrespect to anyone asking you that question, but how hard it is to follow a link on your blog or Facebook and fill out the form for free stuff? Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking. Fill out a form, get free stuff. It’s kind of easy and there is no BIG secret to be discovered! I can’t believe that guy actually thought he could get an iPad for free. Where are people’s common sense?

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