The Problem with Firefox

… is that it seems to be part of some strange anti-freebies conspiracy.  Just kidding.  (Kinda.)  But, for some mysterious reason, Firefox almost never works when it comes to requesting free samples.  Links are “unclickable”.  Sometimes they just plain don’t exist.

The most recent example of this can be seen if you’ve tried to request a free sample of Mint Ease Cooling Cream.  There is a very prominent link reading “For a Free Sample Tube Click Here”.  This link works like a charm in Google Chrome.  For some reason, it doesn’t show up AT ALL if you’re using Firefox.

Why is this?  It’s a big mystery to me.

Firefox used to be my go-to browser.  Now I only use Google Chrome.

And if you’re actually using Internet Explorer

Good luck with that.

One thought on “The Problem with Firefox

  1. Most likely it’s because the creator of the website never checked it in other browsers to make sure it was compatible. That’s why when one makes a website they must make sure it can be seen in ALL browsers, not just one 🙂

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