Getting Started with Free Stuff

Are you new to the freebies game?  To get started, here is a list of available freebies.  Sign up for the ones you are interested in, then follow me on Facebook for the latest freebies as they become available.

  1. Nescafe Taster’s Choice sample pack
  2. LED flashlight when you register with Marlboro cigarettes
  3. Align Pro-Biotic sample from Costco (need 9 digit “ID”)
  4. Pool Kit
  5. Shout Wipes sample
  6. American Cheerleader magazine subscription
  7. Bicycle safety bumper sticker
  8. Honey Nut Cheerios sample
  9. Truckin’ magazine subscription
  10. Wall Calendar (needs “business name”)
  11. ESPN magazine subscription
  12. NetiPot
  13. Trilipiderm sample
  14. Pull-Ups wipes from Sam’s Club (use a 10 digit “ID”)
  15. Dunkin Donuts perks program (free coffee)
  16. Popular Science magazine subscription
  17. Full-size bottle of Pantene shampoo or conditioner
  18. Crest Pro Health samples from Walmart
  19. Soil pH kit
  20. Aveeno sample
  21. Runway magazine subscription 
  22. Old Orchard 64 oz. Juice
  23. Dex 4 (hypoglycemics) sample
  24. TNT fireworks stickers, magnet, posterGet Right
  25. Digital Video mag subscription
  26. Landscape mag subscription
  27. Stores mag subscription
  28. Real Gains sample
  29. 1 year subscription to Ebony mag
  30. (Possible) 2 Free Suave Professionals (full size) Watch the videos and answer at least 5 of 8 tests correctly.  Answers are BBAAAABA
  31. Worx Energy sample
  32. Elmo DVD 
  33. Neilmed docking station
  34. Subscription to Parent’s mag
  35. Astroglide X sample Email confirmation required
  36. Parents’ Choice baby formula sample
  37. Beechnut baby food and starter kit
  38. Always and Tampax samples (Being a Girl kit)
  39. Kotex samples
  40. Tena sample
  41. Playtex Sport samples
  42. Yogi Tea sample
  43. 3 Atkins snack bars
  44. Cup of Yoplait yogurt
  45. 2 packets Miracle Whip
  46. Charmin roll extenders
  47. Hearos Ear Plugs
  48. Salonpas pain patch
  49. Zantac sample
  50. Breathe Right sample
  51. Emergen-C sample
  52. Power Pill 2 pack
  53. Prilosec sample
  54. Dog toy and tag
  55. Purex with Zout sample packet
  56. Peta sticker for vegans
  57. Window cling from Conservation Now
  58. P&G Sampler Pack
  59. Carefree sample
  60. Gas-X sample
  61. RedPlum coupons by mail
  62. Subscription to Maxim magazine
  63. Halo Pet food
  64. Playtex Sport Wipes sample
  65. Nutrish dog food sample
  66. Obestrim sample
  67. Subscription to Black Enterprise mag
  68. Free issue of Bridal magazine
  69. Finish Tags 
  70. Dirt Rider magazine subscription
  71. Newsweek magazine 6 month subscription
  72. McHardy’s Seasoning sample
  73. Nuvo Condom
  74. Test free products at– I’ve gotten three freebies from them since March :)

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