More Recent Free Stuffs

It’s been a while since I posted, so here are some of my recent freebies:

$10.00 check from Magazine Line.  The only thing I love more than magazines is free magazines…and the only thing I love more than free magazines is cold hard cash!

How I got this:  I signed up for a free $10.00 credit with this company (I looked into this for you guys, and it seems like the deal is over but if I see it again I will definitely dedicate a blog to it), and then realized it was only good toward $15 purchases.  Forget that!  So I dismissed it right away.  A few weeks later I got an email that my credit was going to expire.  Didn’t care.  As I searched for the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the message, I noticed a teeny tiny link to request a check instead.  I chose that link instead, figuring it would never come but worth a shot.  Came just a couple weeks later as promised.  Alright!

Bottle of Essie Nail Polish that I won.

Tide samples.  Received a second set today!

Luigi!  This guy’s part of a contest that K’Nex is running every day until July 15.  It’s a real pain in the arse to get, so good luck!

Coffee!  This is actually “raw coffee”, coffee beans that have not been roasted.  I never thought I’d want to roast my own coffee beans, but it looks like fun.  And it’s free!

Apara Foot Care sent me these awesome gifts for being one of their first 1,000 fans on Facebook.

The T shirt is from La Made.  I won it in a very simple referral contest.  Again, on Facebook.  (Sorry, Blog Land, but Facebook is where the free samples are AT.)  The crackers and the air freshener I picked up with coupons, totally free for all three.

I applied and was chosen to house a Budweiser House Party; This is a big box of all the goodies they sent me.

A random day’s mail:  bunch of Brick coupons, Pull-Ups wipes and Parent’s Choice wipes from Walmart’s kick-ass free sample site, a Garnier Fructis shampoo sample from Target’s sample site (not nearly as kick-ass as Walmart’s… sorry, Tar-jay but I gotta represent).

Another random day’s mail:  two cans of Alpo dog food (one came from another Walmart giveaway, the other from the Alpo Facebook page’s giveaway), Steak seasoning, Men’s fitness magazine, Spin magazine, coupons from Bimbo Bakery… a name after my own heart!

I love getting my mail!


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