Freebies 5/16/2001

Freebies I’ve requested since my last post:

Zone Perfect bar

1 year subscription to maxim magazine (still available)

Sample of Sun Undone Vitamin C facial (still available)

Sample of John Frieda anti-frizz shampoo & conditioner (still available)

Free bottle of Nikwax sandal wash for taking a quiz- I found the answers here (still available)

Ocean Spray sparkling juice (no longer available)

Sample from Gas-X (still available)

Pedometer (no longer available and website appears to be down… fishy)

Free sample of Obestrim (… possibly the worst product name ever)

Alpo dog food from Wal-mart (no longer available)

Seattle’s Best coffee on Twitter (still available)

Another sample of Garnier Fructis Pure Clean shampoo & conditioner

Sample of Glad Force Flex (best trash bags ever) from Sam’s Club (no longer available)

Sample of Fiber Choice from Costco (still available… include a 12 digit “ID”)

Subscription to Forbe’s mag (still available)

Subscription to Bloomberg Businessweek mag (still available)

Full size Suave product from a Suave Facebook promotion (no longer available)

Full size Clairol hair color from a Clairol Facebook promotion (no longer available)

Swiffer duster starter kit from a Swiffer Facebook promotion (will be available for request here again at 8pm tonight… likely to be gone within 20 minutes)

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