If you’ve got samples, flaunt ’em

Listen.  If you’ve read my bog and you just know that one of the freebies is fake, why not leave a comment and name that offer (or offers) specifically?  I’m sure everyone would benefit from that.  But you know what they say…

(That reminds me of my sister’s teal-colored sweatshirt from the ’80s:  horses strutting above the words “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.  loved it.)

Let’s keep each other informed and report consumer fraud here.

How should we safely find and recommend free samples? 

  • Don’t pay shipping and handling for a “free” sample.  Simply, these freebies aren’t free.
  • Avoid trial offers that require membership in a paid service.  Magazines and other paid subscriptions that require cancellation to avoid being billed.  Too much hassle.
  • Avoid offers that require referring friends.  Do you really want to be “that guy”?
  • Don’t give your email address or phone number unless it is required.  Some people give fake email addresses and phone numbers to avoid possible spam and telemarketing calls.  Do what you want, but be aware that if you give a fake email address you will miss out on freebies that require email verification (some tell you when they require this and others don’t).  And submitting fake phone numbers for contests might make you ineligible should you win.
  • Don’t sign up for free samples ( “Free*”) that require participation in long surveys and/or signing up for other offers.  Pretty much a waste of time. 
  • Watch out for phishing scams and protect yourself from identity theft.  Never give your social security number,  your mother’s maiden name, or other personal identification information.
  • What’s a phishing scam?
  • How do I avoid phishing scams?
  • Some offers require signing up for a mailing list.  Be aware of cancellation policies and know how to control your subscriptions to these.
  • Accept that you will probably receive spam and/or junk mail eventually.    Learn your email preferences to control spam.  Recycle junk mail whenever you can 🙂
  • The oldest rule ever:  If it seems too good to be true it probably is.  Free Ipad.  Free X Box.  Free BS.
  • But, some offers that seem fake are actually legit.  Keep informed, follow the rules to avoid being a victim of fraud, and use your own judgment.
  • Inform others about freebie scams.  If you come across an offer you know is fake, let us know what’s up.

With that said, I’m hoping to have some good offers to post for everyone later.  Until then, happy Friday everyone!


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