Today, part 1

While I wait for my mail super-slow mail lady to finish up, let’s go over some of today’s freebies:

  • Free T-shirt to first 500 (all gone) from a company in Wisconsin called Cousins Subs.  I’ll be checking the mail to see if I got one…
  • Bacardi is giving out another 10,00o T-shirts here .  I signed up for one last time around, but it hasn’t arrived yet.
  • If Smirnoff’s more your style, try for a possible free T-shirt here.
  • Play golf?  Request a free grip for your clubs from Lamkin.
  • Do you lift weights like the Incredible Hulk?  Check out their site if you’re as confused by that as I am, and while you’re there request a free sample product.
  • Meanwhile, Wal-Star-Mart is offering another free sample of Garnier Fructis shampoo & conditioner.
  • Earlier, Allure magazine gave out 500 products.  Pretty sure they are gone.
  • EBOOST USA is giving out free samples as well.

And by now she must be gone, so off to check my mailbox I go!

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