Freebies I’ve received since March

  1. The Freebie HoardCoupon good for 1 regular sized bag of Kraft touch of Philly cheese.   I love free cheese!
  2. Hugo Boss and Boss Orange fragrance sample cards
  3. Wall Street Journal 36 week subscription (I’m enjoying week 2)
  4. 2 tabs Prilosec OTC
  5. I’ve been using my reusable plastic iced coffee cup every day
  6. Quick Cloth kitchen cloth
  7. Gucci Guilty fragrance sample card
  8. 1 Febreze flameless scented candle and 1 Febreze candle
  9. 1-2 pot bag of Joe Ragen’s Coffee
  10. Zapzyt acne cream sample tube
  11. 2 issues Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade Living magazine and 1 more on the way
  12. Bio-True contact lens solution– 1 travel size bottle
  13. 2 Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn bowls
  14. Fingerbands from
  15. Sample bag of Vitamin C gummies from Ester-C
  16. 2 retail packs of office note tabs from Avery
  17. Travel size Degree Expert Protection deodorant
  18. Playtex tampons 
  19. Coupon for free pint of International Delights Breve coffee creamer
  20. Stickers and 4 packets Emergen-C
  21. Zantac (2 tabs)
  22. Coupon for a free pouch of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice
  23. Dove Men’s Care products
  24. Salonpas Pain Patch
  25. P&G Sample Box
  26. Nescafe Instant Coffee
  27. Energy Pills 2 Power Pill tabs
  28. Stickers   A nice big sheet of shiny “Recycle” stickers that can be used to label recycling bins at home
  29. 1 single serving bag of True Wellness Healthy Weight dry cat food, perfect for my fat kitty
  30. Valspar Paint Kit, intended for painting walls, but this one might contribute to some crafting fun.  Good times
  31. Toilet Paper Extenders(still available) Charmin offers up to three free toilet paper extenders for fitting their larger toilet paper rolls so I ordered and received three.  I don’t usually purchase this toilet paper, but now that I have the extenders it’s a possibility
  32. A green rubber bracelet that says “Bi-winning” … read up about it if you’d like here
  33. A packet of  Wisk laundry detergent
  34. Just in time, I scooped up a much-coveted Beauty Bag from A travel size makeup bag containing a full size tube of Neutrogena lip balm, a travel size bottle of Pantene shampoo, a travel size bottle of Nivea body lotion, a sample card of Revlon lip gloss and sample packets of Fekkai shampoo and conditioner.  I love it!
  35. I‘ve been sipping my water with Mio Liquid Water Enhancer since receiving a full size bottle  and $1.00 coupon = a $4.99 value all together.  I’ve since bought two more bottles.
  36. “Texting Kills” thumb  bands  5-pack of rubber thumb rings that encourage the wearer not to text while driving.  Cute and meaningful.  These rings are no longer free but are available for purchase (several sites appear to be selling them).
  37. Breathe Right Strips  2-pack and a coupon.
  38. Yoplait Yogurt coupon for one free cup of Yoplait yogurt.  Yum!
  39. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell fragrance card
  40. Origins Plantscription sample packet
  41. Ebay Selling Kit from (no longer available) arrived about two weeks after ordering and included a free scale along with packaging materials and an informational booklet.  I’ve had some success selling items on ebay in the past, and the scale will be helpful for determining shipping costs in the future.
  42. Atkins Weight-Loss KitThis “kit” included three snack bars and a large amount of reading material.  I’m not into low-carb living and the bar’s were just OK, but free snacks are always good!  This freebie was quick to arrive: I ordered it 3/29/11 and it arrived 4/5/11.
  43. 1 Soy Joy banana snack bar
  44. Philadelphia Cooking Cremecoupon for a free package of the product and a coupon for $1.50 towards purchase of the product = $5.99 value.  I’ve also received a coupon for free Kraft touch of philly cheese (see above) for joining this program.
  45. Travel size Secret deodorant
  46. Travel size Pantene shampoo and conditioner
  47. Sample vial of Esprit D’ Oscar fragrance
  48. 3 packets of Bragg seasoning
  49. Mary Kay Satin Hands samples (3)
  50. Vaseline lotion sample
  51. John Frieda Root Awakening samples (3)
  52. Full size Neti Pot with samples

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